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The Void is when you open up to a close friend and they say the exact wrong thing.

The Void is looking in your partners eyes and realizing that statistically, they are the one most likely to murder you.

The Void is a sadness-positive, death-positive, existential-doom-positive, non fiction story-based podcast.

Hosted and produced by Jamie Billings and Sarah Dealy, two friends on a quest to explore the complexity of nothingness. Our first season is underway, with one episode out. Listen below! Get ready for adventures into everyday black holes - with dog psychics, crime scene cleaners, and the skeletons who have crept out of our very own closets in the process.  



A Trailer for Season 1 of The Void


Episode 1 of The Void


Ghost Tour Project

"Not Easy, Not Normal" In preparation for our first season, we have launched the Ghost Tour Project. Unfortunate reasons out of our control, brought us back to our hometown of Denver. In re-acclimating to Denver, we noticed that everywhere we went, there were ghosts. Ghosts like how Jamie works at her old high school/ the place where her mother's memorial was held. Ghosts like how Sarah lives so close to the 18+ club she used to sneak into, her phone sometimes auto-connects to its wifi. We both have seen elementary school crushes at late night diners and old nemeses whilst walking our dogs.  Our hometown is full of ghosts. We have commissioned friends and acquaintances to create their own personal ghost tours, then we go on the tour with them and other participants. The whole experience is recorded then edited together. We will release these episodes sporadically throughout our first season.

What is your ghost? Is it an old relationship? The person you used to be? A quality you have lost?

If you live in the Denver area and would like to participate in Ghost Tour Project, please contact us.

Verbatim Series

This endeavor is a blend of journalism and theatre creating a fascinating non-fiction live podcast show. The goal is to interview many different people in one location or city. Then we edit these interviews together to create a story, finding how each interview connects with the next. Once we have an edited piece, a group of actors will bring the audio to life by studying specific interviewee's voices and imitating the audio exactly as they hear it. The actors use headphones and speak about a half second behind the recorded audio both in rehearsals and in performance. We do not transcribe the interviews or make a script, the actors rely solely on the audio to dictate their characterizations. 

Our first verbatim piece took place in Trinidad, Colorado over this past summer. The response was amazing - local Trinidadians felt seen, heard, and couldn't believe how spot-on the actors were compared to the real-life interview subjects. The truth of each character fully lived in their voice, we experienced the beautiful power of audio and the human voice.

If you are interested in your own verbatim piece in your hometown, please contact us. 



Producer Jamie Billings in an interview with 9News about The Void’s involvement with House of Pod’s Education Program.

House of Pod: a podcasting coworking space and education center

House of pod is space where people can come together to create podcasts or learn how to make one.




Sarah Dealy & Jamie Billings

Illustrator: Taylor Turnbull

Composer: Brady Billings

Editing help: Arielle Milkman

The Void is a proud member of House of Pod Denver, Colorado


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